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 8 Essential Training Tips... 
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Post 8 Essential Training Tips...
Every personal trainer or longtime veteran has a bag of tricks inside of which they keep all their best training secrets. Here’s a peek inside mine…

1. Split your cardio in thirds.
This one is for all of you cardio-haters out there that claim cardio is too boring. Doing three, moderately intense, 10-minute sessions on three different machines, allows you to work more muscles and burn more calories than simply doing 30 minutes on a single piece of equipment and is far less boring!

2. Speed kills.
Moving the weights too quickly reduces the length of time muscles remain under load. This reduces the calories burned during each repetition as well as the amount of overall development and, more importantly, increases the risk of injury. Slow, controlled movements place greater load directly on the primary muscles for any given exercise, greatly increase caloric expenditures and minimize injury potential. Next time you lift try employing a six-count during the contraction phase of the movement and an eight-count negative!

3. Variety is the spice of life and muscular development.
Don’t be afraid to change grips during an exercise. It can help you do more reps or place a greater emphasis on different muscles during each repetition. For example: Try a set of simultaneous dumbbell curls and as you fatigue switch to a hammer curl instead. You’ll find you can get an extra few reps and work the biceps much more thoroughly.

4. Pinch a different kind of inch.
To improve grip strength we take a queue from Strongman competitors. Place a pair of five or 10-pound plates together, smooth sides out. Pinch the plates between your thumbs and first two fingers. Try holding the weights for 30 seconds. Add plates as you gain strength. (Note: watch your TOES!)

5. Make like a one-legged Romanian
Single-leg Romanian deadlifts strengthen the hamstrings and create more flexibility. Stand holding a moderately weighted dumbbell in your right hand. Lift your left leg off the floor but keep it close to your right leg. Bend forward at the hips to lower the weight to roughly the middle of your right shin. Slowly stand up. Do two or three sets of 15 reps on each leg.

6. Location! Location! Location!
After you bench-press, do 25 crunches right on the bench. You'll be less likely to skip them than if you have to go find an exercise mat or an ab bench.

7. Start with leg curls
Most men’s legs are overly quad-dominant. To combat that, try using the pre-exhaustion principle. Do a few sets of leg curls at the start of your leg workout to build your hamstrings before you squat. Then use the squats to push the hamstrings even further. This will help them keep up with your quads and help prevent injury.

8. Problem: Sore shoulder. Solution: Resistance tubing
To strengthen your rotator cuffs, a common site of shoulder pain for lifters: Attach a piece of tubing to a sturdy support at waist level. With your right hand, hold the tubing in front of your navel, with your elbow bent 90 degrees and your forearm parallel to the floor. Rotate your hand away from your body to a 2-o'clock position, then return to the starting position. Do two or three sets of 12 to 15 with each arm.

Note: The exercise can be performed with a variable height cable pulley as well. Raise or lower the pulley until it is in the position described. Select a lighter weight on the weight stack and follow the same instructions.

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