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Post Transableism.
I saw the word last night, wanted to know what it meant, googled it and almost threw up my own kidneys.

Yes, there is a social movement based on wanting to be mutilated.

Some forms of transableism appear to be genuine conditions. For example there is a form of brain dysfunction where the brain's 'map' of the body does not recognize a limb and 'rejects' it. The person then gets the urge to remove that limb or otherwise experiences as 'not-me'.

But there's other stuff that is just utterly, utterly fucked right the hell up. There are people who 'need' to be paralyzed. I couldn't forking read that...I have a horrible fear of being paralyzed. I remember when I did downhill mountain biking and if I crashed and injured myself...My first reaction wasn't even to attend to the pain, it was to thrash about maniacally to check that I hadn't been paralyzed. Probably looked to anyone who didn't know me like I was seriously injured and seizing...nope, just forking terrified of being paralyzed.

And then you have a girl who WANTS to have MS. WTF??!!

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Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:28 pm
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Post Re: Transableism.
That's... bizarre. These people don't 'need' to be mutilated, they need therapy!

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Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:32 am
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