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 Rules and Regulations 
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Post Rules and Regulations
Since Blabber consists of several sub-boards these are the “GLOBAL RULES” which apply to the board as a whole. The first violation of these rules will result in a warning which will stay in place for 30 days. Second offenses will result in a 14 day suspension of all posting privileges. A third offense will result in immediate and permanent dismissal. Appealing this decision can be done in writing care of your local congressman. Maybe he’ll give a damn because at that point, I won’t. We're all here to hangout and have fun, let’s remember that and with any luck we’ll never have to deal with any of this?

The hierarchy:

Founding members are members with ridiculously solid reps who’ve been here since the board’s inception. They have a vested interest in the boards well being and may often attempt to head off a problem prior to a moderator stepping in.

Forum Moderators are members with particular skills or interests who have been given the task of overseeing specific forums BASED on those skills or interests. Make no mistake, in their world they are King (or Queen as the case may be.) and call the shots on a daily basis. They have the ability to edit, move, split and lock posts as well as issue warnings.

Global Moderators are members who have been given the task of overseeing all forums and board activities not assigned a forum moderator. They have all the abilities of a Forum Moderator but can also DELETE posts, and Ban members.

Administrators, or rather Administrator since its just me, are the supreme court of the board. I can see who’s on the board even if they’re invisible. I can handle administrative things like reset passwords, approve or deny membership, as well as anything my mods can do. The idea is they handle the more customer facing tasks allowing me to handle the inner workings of the place.

The reason I listed these is so that it’s clear who sits where in the chain. If you have beef, look for a forum mod first (ask a founding member if you’re not sure whether or not your forum has a mod). If no resolution is reached, seek out a global mod. As a final measure I am here to play king Solomon and make the ultimate ruling.

The rules:

1. Admins/Mods call the shots, period. If a member of the staff asks you to tone it down, or recommends taking a beef off the board and into Private Messages, do it. Don't argue, don't pout, and don’t take it personally, just do it.

2. All things have their place. Keep them there. The board has been carefully designed to allow a place for nearly any type of post. Many boards have their own off-topic section as well to serve as a catch-all. Above all, this rule applies to topics. Politics should stay in the political forum or, that failing the general off-topic section in small talk and chit chat. It does not belong in the fitness area. Likewise don’t start talking about your new killer ab routine in the religion section. It doesn’t belong and if you keep doing it you will be reprimanded and the posts deleted.

3. Be an adult. Say what you want when you want and how you want but be adult enough to handle the fall out. The whole point to Blabber was to create a space where we could talk about the things other boards don't allow, like Abortion, Religion, Gay Marriage, the misconception that large penis's are better than small ones... rant about your job, your wife, the misconception that large penis's are better than small ones... anything... and everything. If we're too afraid to lay it out there HERE then where can we? It is possible to have a heated, passionate discussion without making it a personal attack. Don’t worry, if it gets too heated I'll lock the thread and send you each to your neutral corners to write a 500 word essay on the common misconception that large penises are better than small ones.

So, post, talk, rant, rave, and rage against whatever you feel you want to rage against. The door is open, the invite sent... lay it out there, take the chance. I dare ya.

4. Absolutely NO POSTING of the following:

Kiddie porn

Open forum attempts to sell or distribute illegal drugs … donating them to me, however, is not only tolerated but strongly encouraged… jus’ sayin…

Messages condoning animal abuse (abuse people all you want just leave puppies and kittens alone... well maybe just puppies), or severe child abuse. Anyone posting subject matter of this nature will not only find themselves removed from the board but will also find the posts and any personal information I happen to have of theirs littering facebook.. though I have no idea how on earth it got there…

5. I have the power! I reserve the right to amend or modify these rules at any time as I see fit. It’s good to be da king.

Above all I can't stress rule 3 enough. As adults we should be able to carry on conversations, even heated ones, without resorting to name calling, flaming or childish behavior... except for me. I can stomp my feet and pout all I want because power has its privileges damn it!


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Post Re: Rules and Regulations
I love it when you talk with such authority, leaves me feeling all hot and bothered... :CAG:

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i have recently become two hamburgers


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